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About Us

The British Officers Cricket Club appears in cricket history back in the 'Golden Age' of cricket in Philadelphia in the late 1800s. However, as an affiliate of The British Officers Club of Philadelphia founded in 1925, regular games were played until WWII. The BOCC was re-born in 1986 thanks to our now departed co-founders, Peter Stone, Alan Stuart and Alfred Reeves. Since that time the club has been a major force in rekindling the game in Philadelphia, and now enjoys a playing membership of over 80 cricketers including a thriving youth section.

The BOCC plays cricket for fun, for love of the game, yet competitively, with a will to win. The BOCC places high importance upon social interaction and a membership willing to contribute effort on and off the field. The BOCC places no restriction upon membership, save that of gentlemanly conduct. Club management is democratic and bound by its Constitution. The BOCC strives to uphold the notion of Cricket first, team second and the individual last.

The BOCC is a co-founder and a proud supporter of the Philadelphia International Cricket Festival.

The BOCC plays in the Greater Philadelphia Cricket League and the Philadelphia Metropolitan Cricket League. We also go on tour to Toronto over the July 4 weekend and, with friendly games all season long, plays an aggregate of over 60 matches a season. BOCC has also toured the UK in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010 and most recently Sarasota Florida in February 2022. Touring is part of the club DNA, both travelling and hosting visiting sides; more tours are expected in upcoming years. Additionally, the club has a traditional pre-season curry party, Annual Awards Dinner and other fun/family friendly social events. There are organized net practices at our home ground which has a unique two side by side fields at Evansburg State Park in Collegeville from April thru September.

2024 Club Committee

Ajay Nayak Youth Cricket Director
Amimul Hasan President
Chris Lawrence Treasurer
Ernie Precious President Emeritus
Ian Turner Social Secretary
Jon Kennon Club Captain
Parth Patel
Gurpreet Singh
Fixtures Secretary
Devi Vara Prasad Mavidipalle
Grounds Secretary
Zafar Abdullah Webmaster